so long, farewell

i only made this blog visible again so i can have acess to oh my gaga

ignore that i even made this post or that any changes were made at all

xoxox this is my last post on this blog
Glee Meme: Seven Outfits
1. Kurt in “The First Time”

i like fresh starts


I know Kurt is more than strong enough to handle any insults that’s thrown at him because god he’s heard them all and I know he doesn’t need anyone fawning after him to feel good about himself but…

I am completely selfish and greedy and I do want someone other than Blaine to acknowledge that he’s just… the most perfect thing in this universe. Seriously? Not one person turns their head when he walks down the hallway wondering how something that freaking beautiful exists?

God, I don’t care how they do it, a little girl can walk up to him and ask if he’s an angel while he’s at the mall, just PLEASE can Kurt have just a tiny bit of an ego stroking please and thank you.

stjimmyjazz replied to your post: i think grant gustin is cute but not super~…
you and i are on the same page on this one

and for once (aside from chris colfer, but his attractiveness is a universal fact), jessie and jimmy have the same thought on the physical attractiveness of a man.

for once, i’m not posting any bitching. i’m just liking the wankish posts that i agree with.